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Q3 - Q4 2017

30.11.2017, Quarterly

In Q3-Q4 we discuss about business in the digital era, PSD2, the directive that will change the world in 2018, risky matters of data protection and how the #MeToo campaign in social media has given rise to discussions on the frequency of sexual harassment. We share D&I Transaction Powerhouse's view on how to reduce uncertainty in transactions and tell you more about D&I Disputes Powerhouse's efforts towards greater efficiency in Arbitration.

Q2 2017

21.06.2017, Quarterly

In Q2 we discuss about digital disruption and AI Ross with our Managing Partner Anders Carlberg and share D&I Transaction Powerhouse's view on sustainability in mergers and acquisitions. Thinking ahead, we are keeping you up with tax treatments, the General Data Protection Regulation and with new way of looking dispute resolution. We are also catching up with D&I Alumnus Teemu Oksanen of Futurice.

Q1 2017

13.04.2017, Quarterly

In Q1 we discuss about protectionism versus new revolutionary technologies and D&I Transaction Powerhouse's view on how the technology revolution drives transactions. We are also discussing about the FinTech and regulation creating opportunities and ask whether your organization is taking pole position in ICT contracting. We share thoughts about an exciting pilot project Legal Tech Lab that has been launched at the Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki and bring forward our insight on D&I Disputes Academy.