24 May 2018



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Q3 - Q4 2017

In Q3-Q4 we discuss about business in the digital era, PSD2, the directive that will change the world in 2018, risky matters of data protection and how the #MeToo campaign in social media has given rise to discussions on the frequency of sexual harassment. We share D&I Transaction Powerhouse's view on how to reduce uncertainty in transactions and tell you more about D&I Disputes Powerhouse's efforts towards greater efficiency in Arbitration. Our Senior Partner Jan Ollila is thinking about the ingredients of value based legal advice, while our Partner Jukka Lång is discussing with best expert in data security matters, Mr Jarno Limnéll, how the cyber security landscape is evolving rapidly. We also asked our clients, alumni and guests of D&I Anniversary Dinner how they see the future in 2025. Thinking ahead, our Director of Client Relations, Ms Katja Hollmén states that in the extremely competitive environment of leading law firms in Finland customer experience is the new black.

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Q3 - Q4 2017
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